Ten Things I'd Like To See From A New NBC Knight Rider
By Craig Byrne - Webmaster

Knight Rider's movie debut did very well for NBC, so hopefully it's only a matter of weeks before the network announces they'll be going ahead with more for the 2008-2009 TV season.

With that said, there are several things that I'd love to see from a new, weekly Knight Rider series.

I was a fan of the original series from the time I first saw it. It was toward the end of Season Two, but forgive me; I was only about six years old at the time and it took me a while to figure out what shows were good. My TV-car loyalty still was with the General Lee of The Dukes of Hazzard; but then when I saw this black "t-top," with its scanner, voice, and the Turbo Boost, I knew that I was catching something awesome. I was a dedicated fan after that; I even remember calling the 1-900 number to learn about KITT's new features one year.

For some reason, I still even remember what the number was, over twenty years later... that's how strong my Knight love was. When the DVD's came out, of course I bought them as quickly as possible.

Anyhow... all of that means that this column is written from the perspective of someone who loved the old stuff.... the good ("Goliath"), the bad (Knight Rider 2000), and a lot of what was in between. And now, the ten things I myself would like to see from a new Knight Rider, in no particular order...

1. Turbo Boost. I don't care if it is "unrealistic." The producers of the new Bionic Woman claimed Jaime Sommers' bionic noises were silly and unrealistic too, and we saw successful that show was. KITT without Turbo Boosting is like the X-Files without Mulder: It just should not happen.

2. Patricia McPherson. I've seen photos of the former Bonnie Barstow and I'm happy to say, she is still as beautiful today as she was 25 years ago. It would be a nice nod to the original series, also, especially if we were to learn that Bonnie helped Charles Graiman to build his new version of KITT. So please... is there any chance that can happen, sooner rather than later? Thanks.

3. One Man Can Make A Difference. That means more Mike Traceur and KITT teaming up, less of the ensemble all riding in the car. Let's see Mike traveling around the country meeting new and exciting women and spare us the "Sarah is his One True Love" kind of crap. In other words, keep it simple: The man, the car, the end. Too many people in the airplane and you get Team Knight Rider... and we don't need to repeat that experience.

4. Self-Contained Stories. On that same note, one advantage of the original Knight Rider is that you could always tune in without being confused. I'd like to see a series with a consistent vision and having ongoing story threads is great; but I'd love it if every episode could be a complete viewing experience. A concept like Knight Rider should really work for that.

5. The Knight 2000, with William Daniels providing the voice and David Hasselhoff driving. Are we really to believe the original KITT is completely dismantled? Pshh. I have a lot of trouble believing Michael Knight would totally let his old buddy be mothballed. I don't know if there are legal issues with getting an old Trans Am onto a show that is mostly sponsored by Ford; but I'm sure that an appearance by The Real KITT would be a ratings bonanza.

6. More Bruce Davison. Since Edward Mulhare is no longer with us, Charles Graiman is the next best thing.

7. More Of The Hoff. I don't know how willing David Hasselhoff would be to have a recurring role on the series, but I think that exploring the dynamic between Mike and the father he never knew would make for some really good television.

8. Glen Larson. The original creator of Knight Rider, Glen A. Larson, is listed as an executive producer; however, as this version of Knight Rider is on TV, Larson himself is prepping a Knight Rider movie. What I'd love to see would be for Larson to become involved with this new TV series if at all possible, working with the current crew to make the ultimate Knight Rider, so there's no need for two versions of the concept out at the same time. Who knows; Larson might not even be interested in TV, but I think it'd be nice, especially since Larson more than most people would know what the series is all about.

9. An Opening Credits Voiceover. Admit it: One of the coolest things about the original opening titles for Knight Rider was the "one man can make a difference" voiceover. I'd love to see a new take on that. Granted, Mike Traceur is not "a man who does not exist," at least not yet, but whatever they'd come up with, I'm sure, would be quite cool.

10. KARR. Do I really need to explain?

And there you have it. What I'd like to see from a new show, at least. What do you think? Post about it on our forums at KryptonSite!

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