Cast Shake-Up Coming
Three regular cast members will be departing as NBC preps the latter half of the first season of Knight Rider.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed who is leaving and staying, with some quotes from Gary Scott Thompson.

First and biggest news: The departures. Bruce Davison (Charles Graiman), Yancey Arias (Alex Torres), and Sydney Tamiia Poitier (Carrie Ruvai) will no longer be series regulars.

The article mentions that Justin Bruening, Deanna Russo, Paul Campbell, and Smith Cho will be staying.

Changes will start to happen with episodes #10 and #11, with #10 possibly airing on a Sunday night following a football game to get some new viewers.

Gary Scott Thompson refers to this change as a "reboot" and says the following: "We're moving away from the terrorist-of-the-week formula and closer to the original, making it a show about a man and his car going out and helping more regular people, everymen."

"Guest stunt casting" is being looked into. (Chant with us: HOFF! HOFF! HOFF!)

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