KITTSite Covers Knight Rider @ Comic-Con '08: Talking With Gary Scott Thompson
Continuing our string of interviews with Knight Rider cast and crew at the Comic-Con International in San Diego, we now are sharing our short interview with Gary Scott Thompson - the man who is responsible for energizing the project into a weekly series with some really great ideas.


During the Knight Rider panel at Comic-Con, Thompson teased the idea of KARR - the evil prototype version of KITT - to a thrilled audience. When asked for more information about this, Thompson teased that "yes" it is a possibility, but would not reveal more information when pressed. However, he did confirm that there are plans for KARR or something like it within the first thirteen episodes ordered. "By 13, you'll get it," he teases.

In addition to KARR, the question was also brought up if we'd see any more characters or actors from the original Knight Rider on the new series, as a lot of the media discussion of past characters coming back has started and stopped with Hasselhoff. "I don't even know where they're at, to be honest with you," Thompson says. "I've looked for some of them at different times, but I had no contacts for where they were at. I don't even know if they're in the business, and some people are dead," he continues.

"It'd be fun to have some of them walk through, or at least do something," Thompson says. "It's always a kick. I looked at the new Incredible Hulk, when they had Lou Ferrigno play a guard, and Stan Lee in there and all of these different things that only true fans get, so yeah, that would be awesome," he says.

When asked if there's anything specific fans should look for from the new ongoing series, Thompson replied with "the whole thing."

"Every episode. Don't miss it. It's pretty awesome," he says.

Knight Rider premieres September 24 on NBC.

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