KITTSite Covers Knight Rider @ Comic-Con '08: Talking With Deanna Russo
Continuing our string of interviews with Knight Rider cast and crew at the Comic-Con International in San Diego, we now are sharing our short interview with "Sarah Graiman" herself, Deanna Russo.


Earlier this year in the Knight Rider TV-movie, the character of Sarah Graiman was a bit more academic and less involved on the action side. As evidenced in NBC's promos for the ongoing series, however, Sarah will be taking a more active, "kick-butt" attitude and be a very integral part of the show's action.

"She's feisty," Deanna shares about her character. "She's learned how to fight, but I don't think she's learned how to control that desire to fight."

Keeping a close eye on Sarah will be her father, Charles Graiman, played by acting veteran Bruce Davison. "He's crazy," she laughs when recalling her TV dad. "He's such a character. He's hilarious. Because this guy has been around for decades. I mean, the stories he will tell you at lunchtime will kind of blow your mind. But he plays my dad, so what's really funny is that there's Bruce Davison, the eccentric actor, and then there's the man that plays my father on television, and it's two different people, drastically," she says.

The ability to act with a talking car has become easier for Russo as the regular series has begun shooting. "Initially during the 2 hour, [it was] very weird and challenging, because we didn't know who the voice of KITT was," she says. "It could have been anyone, and that really affects the tone of the scene, so how are you supposed to play your part if you don't know what the picture's going be stylistically? But now that we know the style of the show and the direction of the show, we have a lot of freedom with it."

With additional characters played by Paul Campbell and Yancey Arias joining the show, could it be possible that Mike Traceur might not be her only romantic interest? "Why not? It just makes it more interesting," she says.

Knight Rider premieres September 24 on NBC.

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